Lessons of 2017

Hi, there friend, I am about to share some lessons that I have had the privilege of learning this year and my hope is that you will learn something new from this post. Or that the bits of advice I am about to share with you will come handy at some point in your life….

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So we live in London now

It was only a few months ago that I was living it up in beautiful Sydney. And now I find myself typing this, wrapped up in 5 layers, in my London flat. Yes, we have managed to find a flat in London! (Take a praise break because that’s a miracle)!!! What happened? What’s the story? I am…

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25 years in 25 sentences

Year 0-1: The year I become Ana and Dumitru’s 8th child. Year 2: The year my sisters encourage me to suck my thumb so I could go to sleep (little did they know that they were encouraging an addiction which would last years) Year 3: The year I get to meet my newborn sister, Lavinia….

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