Cozy jumpers in a very Cold London – Model Photoshoot

Shooting in an ugly location was a challenge I embarked on at the beginning of December and this is one of the photoshoots that I did as part of the challenge. You can read more about the process here.

I loved meeting Simona Mockute on a cold day in London and getting to know her and photographing her style and personality. She was very easy to work with and followed my creative direction beautifully as well as coming up with her own poses and suggesting ideas for photos. It is truly beautiful when a photographer finds a model who is confident enough to go for it and do her own thing and this is pretty much what happened.

Simona did her own styling, and I must say, I wanted to take all the clothes back home with me, as I loved her stuff, especially the jumpers and the jewellery! As a model photographer, this is something that happens very often so I normally end up coming home with a desire to shop!

Anyways, I  am rambling on so I should make way for the photos so that they can do all the talking!

I shot these photos with my Canon 5D M3 and a combo of 35mm and 50mm. In terms of post-processing – I did skin retouching in Photoshop and colouring in Lightroom.






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