A black coat perfect for a grey day – Model Photoshoot in London

Welcome to another post for them model photoshoots that I did as part of my “ugly location” challenge. Meet Hyowon, a model originally from South Korea who lives in London and is working hard to learn English while here in this beautiful, rainy city!

First of all, I cannot begin to tell you how in awe I was of Hyowon’s hair! It was the hair of dreams.

Secondly, I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated London weather made me that day because it was fine one second and then the next it was not, which made us cut our photoshoot short. So we only had about 40 minutes to capture her style and also to raise up to the challenge of taking nice photos in an ugly location.

On the ugly location, there were actually a lot of people around who were staring at us, so that didn’t help the situation.

Add ugly location + crazy weather + people staring and this what we have managed to come up with. I shot this with my Canon 5D M3 and a combo of 35mm and 50mm. Skin retouch was done in Photoshop and colouring in Lightroom. There are a lot of black and white edits in this session, but that’s because I was feeling black and white edits more than colour for this particular model photoshoot.

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