Lessons of 2017

Hi, there friend,

I am about to share some lessons that I have had the privilege of learning this year and my hope is that you will learn something new from this post. Or that the bits of advice I am about to share with you will come handy at some point in your life. (maybe that’s wishful thinking but I needed a space in which I could process 2017 and this is it! The internet is the place for processing apparently.)

2017 was a big year. Simply put, it was a year of adventure.

At the beginning of 2017, we were faced with choosing between Australia and Europe and we chose Europe.

2017 sees us wrapping up our lives in Sydney, packing our belongings, travelling around New Zealand for a month, seeing friends and family across Europe and eventually settling in a tiny flat in London. ADVENTUROUS indeed.

So here are some things I have learned/wrapped my head around in 2017

On choices

At some point in your life, you will have to choose between comfort/ security and pursuing your dreams. When possible, choose your dreams and get the heck out of your comfort zone. Your future self will thank you for that.

On snacks

Sliced APPLE and crunchy PEANUT BUTTER. Divine!

On possessions

Our society encourages consumerism more than it ever has and we fall for it more than we ever have. Taking a step back to look at our belongings, spending habits and check if our hearts are attached to our material possessions can swerve the course of our lives and lead us into freer spaces.

On social events 

It’s ok not to like them. It’s not ok to always avoid them.

On passion

It is important to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, go at it full speed. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all, become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. (Roahl Dhal)

On getting a fringe

A fringe/bangs (for my American friends) is a lot of maintenance and the growing out stage is extremely frustrating. Make sure YOU REALLY WANT A FRINGE before getting one.

On settling

Dust settles. Humans aren’t supposed to!

On road trips in a Campervan

Bring books for rainy days. Download podcasts for long drives. Have good music for those epic sunsets. Get out to watch the stars even if the air hurts your face. If it’s winter, hot water bottles will become your saviours! Bring friends along! We did and it was the best!

On Mountains

Climbing a mountain is hard. Coming down from a mountaintop is hard also!

Most people don’t have the energy/stamina/grit/discipline to make it to the top of the mountain. So they build little huts halfway through their climb and call it quits.

On mattress shopping. 

A mattress is like a good bra. It takes a while before you find one, but as soon as you try it on you know it’s right! Prepare to pay more for a mattress than for a bra! Much more!

On creativity

Creativity goes hand in hand with discipline.

On the ocean

It can comfort a broken heart and excite an innocent spirit.

On people

When you find people in your life with whom you can be yourself and have free-flowing conversations about pretty much everything, you hold on to those people like your life depends on it. They are magical unicorns!

On Addictions

Turning off your phone for a few hours a day will show you how addicted you are to your phone.

On confidence 

You must teach your sense of self

to stand up on its own two feet.

Instead of propped up on the views

Of every person that you meet.  (-e.h)

On progress

Baby steps still move you forward.

On finding an affordable apartment in London 

Haha! Accept that it’s not going to happen. The sooner you do that, the better.

On goodbyes

Nobody knows how to say goodbye “properly”! There’s no protocol to it.  You will smile and cry and wave too many times and you will hold back tears and pretend to be strong and before you know it will be over. Try to make the best out of the awkwardness that comes with saying goodbye to people who are deeply and stubbornly at home in your heart.

On marriage

Cherish laughter and chase after laughter! If you laugh together, I am talking, belly hurting, “almost peed my pants” kinda laughing, on a regular basis, even in the most difficult of times, chances are you’re still best friends, you still love the heck out of each other and life will be just fine! (I am no marriage expert so don’t quote me on that – it’s just that 2017 was the year I clicked that laughter makes our marriage stronger.)

On leaving a place you love 

Take a lot of photos. Explore every little corner possible of that place. Have a proper goodbye night where you go to your favourite spots and tell them that you will be back. Expect to cry a lot because you love the place and you can’t go back whenever you feel like it.

On exploring London. 

Accept that you will probably get lost. More than once. Also, for every breath you take, London will charge £15

On starting your own business

There will be days when you will doubt if you are doing the right thing. There will be days when you will start looking for “normal” jobs. You will need patience, grit, and people who believe in you and who call you “Boss Lady” and eventually the sun will start shining and you will get busy!

On family crisis

It’s ok to cry! It’s ok not to cry! It’s ok to crack up jokes and be scared all at the same time. You will be grateful for the people who don’t get tired of texting you even if you don’t have the capacity/emotional stability to reply.

On mixing soaps 

Don’t ever mix soaps! You will most likely develop a very itchy, very painful skin allergy that will hang out with you for over a week and it will possibly become the most miserable week of your life.

On life after your biggest, most impossible dream, is accomplished.

You will find a bigger, more impossible dream to get your hopes up about.


On making sure you have a fun life

This is the statement with which I will end my essay! Stop waiting for good things to happen to you. Stop looking at people’s Instagram and wishing you could live like those people.

Think hard about what matters to you and plan out your weekends/free time wisely. Make a bucket list for the year (it’s what we did in 2017). It will give you focus and it will get your ass out of your pyjamas and into museums, coffee places, hills, oceans, job interviews, that you intentionally sought after.

Bye and MAKE 2018 a good one!

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