So we live in London now

It was only a few months ago that I was living it up in beautiful Sydney. And now I find myself typing this, wrapped up in 5 layers, in my London flat. Yes, we have managed to find a flat in London! (Take a praise break because that’s a miracle)!!!

What happened? What’s the story? I am glad you asked because here’s a short and to the point life update.

Leaving Sydney 

At the beginning of 2017, we knew we had to make a decision about our future, and where we would want to be based. We had the option to stay for another year on the course that we were on, or to try and find holiday visas, etc. After thinking long and hard and also praying we felt that the right thing to do was to come back to Europe.

The truth is, living in Sydney was wonderful. The best two years of our lives. But, Sydney never felt like our permanent home.

Long story short, after months of Ben and I chatting, and also speaking to people who have a say in our lives, we decided that even though it wouldn’t be easy, coming back to Europe would be the right decision.

In August, Ben ended up getting an amazing job, for a company here in London and that’s the reason why Europe was narrowed down to London.

Starting in London 

We never, ever expected to live in London. If we’re honest, London was always the overcrowded and overpriced city. But God has a way of taking us to places we never thought we would go, so no surprise here.

We have managed to find a little apartment in London and as of the beginning of November, we moved our cute butts in the capital of the U.K.

We came with only two suitcases from Australia, so as you can imagine we are having to start everything from scratch! We are loving the process though! You know you are an adult when you get excited about furniture shopping am I right?

The ups and downs of London life 

The downs

I guess the daunting task is to make London feel like home. Which will take a while. The rain, the people, the culture, are all things we need to adjust to.

However, we are making the most out of this season of discovery. This is a fun season, where everything is new and shiny to us, and we’re getting lost all the time. Ok, I am getting lost all the time.

The truth is, we get hit with waves of homesickness for Sydney, and we’re planning to visit soon! Because Sydney has our heart. That’s the sucky part about so many places having stolen bits of your heart. You get to miss them and missing them can suck!

The Ups

London is absolutely beautiful at Christmas. London is a nurturing ground for fashion lovers. London is a good base for seeing family for both of us. London is where we have been called. London bustles with art, museums and history! And stunning architecture. London is the home to some world renown restaurants (that’s for when our bank account is more nourished and revived to life). London is full of amazing people who will soon become family and friends. London is well connected – so in an hour or two, we can be in another country eating exotic food and basking in the sun.

My plans for “the London life”

I will be a London based, fashion and portrait freelance photographer. Ben likes to call me boss lady so I guess I am going to start acting like one. Eeeeek. Saying it out loud is kinda scary but kinda fun! I will write more about this soon, I promise.

Thanks so much for reading this. If you were invested enough to stick with me till the end, then you probably care, so if you care please keep us in your prayers as we adjust to and fall in love with our new city, London.



P.S (all photos in this blog posts are mine) taken yesterday in London.  How cool is London?

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